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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What are the main menu items daily, and if I can anticipate my child is not going to like the daily hot entree, what are my options?
A.  You can click on the daily menu options of your particular school and them look for additional daily options, and other selections like salad bar, potato bar, or chicken fingers for example will be available on a daily basis.

Q.  Is anything else available with the daily hot entree?
A.  Yes, we are happy to meet all daily requirements for a well-balanced lunch for your child, with a side vegetable, fruit selection, bread and drink.

Q.  In paying for next month, what is the date that I MUST never forget? 
A.  To become consistent with your child's lunch order, NEVER forget the 25th of each month!  Mark this date in your planner! Remember, we are just a phone call away in ordering for a particular day.  The 25th of each month is important. NO online ordering is available after the 25th of each month. Meal online registration resumes on the 1st day of the month.

Q.  If I am paying by check, where can I leave my child's money for lunch?
A.  For your convenience, there are two different ways of payment:  1. Pay at your school's office or 2.  Pay here via this website.

Q.  What happens if I pay but do not select any menu options?
A.  Relax, you can be assured that your child will have a hot lunch today.  Your child can then choose from our a la carte menu with items such as a baked potato, a chicken sandwich, or a vegetable egg roll.

Then you have a goal for next month to get your menu selections in early, before the 25th.

Q.  Is a printable copy of my child's menu option available?
A.  Yes just download or print the monthly menu from our monthly menu area on this website.

Q.  Why must I enter my credit card data monthly?
A.  Because of the world we live in, we have been advised not to store your credit card data in non-secure areas.  For your convenience, you can log back into your account with a username and password for simplified billing.  You can then review past orders and place new ones.  Your security is very important to us, and this method protects everyone the best.  We appreciate your understanding.

Q.  How is this personal information used?
A.  This information is only used to better serve you and your child's needs.  If we have to contact you or send out an updated email to your child's school for any reason, we must have accurate information.  Ken O' Dan Foods will not in any way benefit from selling, loaning, or renting your personnel data.

Q.  Does Ken O' Dan Foods give me a refund it my child is sick and can not be at school?
A.  Because we have to purchase your child's food so far in advance, it would be impossible to refund OR credit every child who is sick and can not attend school.

Q.  Can I login and order meals on a daily basis?

A.  No, daily ordering is not available because Ken O' Dan Foods must pre-order and purchase food quantities in advance.

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