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Our company is owned and operated by Master-Trained Chef,
John P. Bermingham.

Chef John and his wife created the catering concept for better school food over 5 years ago after the birth of their second child, Daniel Louis.  Their first child, Kendell Louise was attending a local private school, and the lunch program was not what she had been used to.  With both Chef John and his wife working, they had hoped for a quality hot lunch service to accommodate their schedules and satisfy the needs of their children. 
John would cook at home and like any chef he enjoys a challenge.  Chef John’s task was tapped into while he focused on providing healthy options for both his children, and the types of selections that he provided seemed to work for his own children.  Chef John's had discovered a new opportunity—providing a quality hot lunch service for the private school sector.  Along with his wife, Audrey, the birth of "Ken O’ Dan Foods" emerged.
Chef John's training began in the finest culinary schools of Ireland and England.  This training later enabled him to continue working throughout Europe.  This European training guided him through a vast arrangement of food preparation methods.  He later made his way to the Americas, working with the cruise ship industry.  While working on the "Norway" with Norwegian Cruise Lines, Chef John was exposed to quality mass food production.  This particular exposure enabled Chef John to successfully provide quality foods to all consumers daily.  The food makes sense to our consumer's "Taste Sense."  After many years in the various local Houston hotels and restaurants, country and tennis clubs, Chef John discovered the best job ever--preparing QUALITY Private School Lunches.
"My children have always inspired my work, so the conception of my company is named after my two children,” remarks Chef John.  After five years, Ken O’ Dan Foods has navigated the private school's lunch program and has grown from serving 3 schools to 15 schools.  Today, we provide approximately 1,000 meals per day.  Sometimes we think we are back on the cruise ship and now our customers are like our passengers saying, "ALL ABOARD!"
Ken O’ Dan Foods believes that parents and school administrators/staff all benefit from the relationships we build, the healthy food we serve, and the service we stand for.  But, the one who benefits the most is a content child who has eaten our lunch and is ready to tackle the reminder of the school day.

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